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November 8, 2019
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February 11, 2020
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LENSA TENOM 01: The Old Sapong House

Sapong is a small town just south of Tenom. It will take 10 minutes to get here by car and along the journey on your right, one cannot help but notice a large wooden house just by the roadside.

It has a similiar design to the gazetted Coleman Estate house in Sipitang.

It the 1960s, back when Sabah was still called British North Boreno company, this house was home to various Sapong Estate Managers. Among them is Mr James Comber.

James Boughtwood Comber
- A former head of Sapong Estate during the 1960s.
- In 1971, he left Sabah and found a new home in Medan, Sumatera.
- His love of flowers especially orchids lead him to publish 3 orchid books in his lifetime. Infact, he inevitably discovered many new species, and two are named in his honour: Sarcoglyphis comberi and Bulbophyllum comberi.

Article "LENSA TENOM 01: The Old Sapong House" by Lensa Tenom #lensatenom

Article & Photo by Lensa Tenom https://www.facebook.com/LensaTenom/

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