Journey to Tenom
October 6, 2019
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Food in Tenom

Tenom Market

Pasar Tenom (Tenom Market) is must visit place when in Tenom. The famous pork egg roll and meat ball of Tenom can be found at Pasar Tenom located at the 1st floor of the market (non halal section). Many Hakka people of Sabah originated from Tenom town and thus you still can find some of the best hakka dishes in Tenom such as yam pork, pork egg roll and corn fed chicken. Pasar Tenom is located at the centre of Tenom town (left side if you coming from Kota Kinabalu) non halal section at 1st floor of Tenom market. This is the place to be to look for the best pork egg roll and meat balls. All the stalls (7 stalls) are selling exactly the same food. The 1st stall is the most popular stall and they still using the traditional method of preparing the pork egg roll using hand. Their egg rolls sold out by 8am. Best is be there at 7am. The 1st stall is located at the left. Local usually recommend stall no. 1, follow by stall no.2. Maybe the numbering of the stall define the ranking of the food. Reason why we wake up early, the famous pork egg roll of Tenom Soup noodle and dry stirred noodle served with pork egg roll. You must also try the Yong To Fu using tofu made in Tenom. The tofu of tenom is smooth and delicious! pig blood tofu, another famous item which sold out fast. Located at the lower ground floor, few stalls selling malay and chinese kueh. The tausa piang (red bean pastry). The tausa (red bean) is prepared fresh everyday. Apam balik or better known as kueh terang bulan in Sabah. This uncle serve delicious Kueh tearing bulan from 6.30am to 11am. for better taste, make sure you request for extra Kacang (peanuts) Before we leave the market, we noticed that the pau sell by this uncle is bigger than usual. The pau size is almost bigger than my face! Uncle proudly told us that his pau is made up of 5 ingredients (chicken, pork, pork sausages, ??) He happily pose for a photo and ask us to share this photo on our website Taste wise is ok but if you looking to taste really big pau, then put this pau in your “must eat” list when in Tenom.

Top 10 “Must Eat” in Tenom

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