History of Tenom – The Introduction
November 3, 2019
17105 Locomotive of Tenom
November 8, 2019
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5205 Locomotive of Tenom

For the train, 5205 is a Kawasaki light locomotive bought in the late 60s/early 70s to replace the steam locomotives. Its a light locomotive because its power rating is low compared to most other locomotives, and is usually used by railways with low speeds and low axle-load.

At that time, Sabah Railway bought a few Hitachi and Kawasaki units to replace steam locomotives. They were originally used to pull cargo only, because Sabah Railway at that time also bought new railcars (DMUs) for passenger trains. For the railcars, they have developed problems over time, and they eventually converted it to normal coaches by removing the engine, removing the driving cab, and adding a generator for the coaches' lights/fans, etc. One such example of the railcar can still be found occasionally working the Tanjung Aru - Beaufort sector. You can find them in Beaufort.

5205, I believe it could be a sole survivor because that day when I went to all three rail workshops (Tenom, Beaufort, Kinarut), I can't find any other similar trains.

Source by: Eu Gene Ng
Photo by: Anny & Seon

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